All of Murrin’s crushed products can be made from either basalt or granite. Basalt is a black volcanic rock and it is the rock of choice for many landscape architects and engineers. It is a extremely durable, yet its light weight results in 10-15% more volume per tonne. The old standby granite is no slouch either - tough and beautiful.

We can make product to meet any crushed MMCD or MoTI specification. Below is a list of some of our most popular products. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact us or request a quote. 

Drain Rock/Clear Crush

These products can be made from either granite or basalt, though basalt is more likely to be in stock. The “clear” products are substantially free of fine material. For example, our 1” clear product is comprised ofonly 1” rocks (i.e. no fines).

We make and typically stock everything from ¾” clear up to 12” clear.


¾” to 3” clear crush

These rocks are our best sellers. They are typically used as drain rock or decorative rock it also can be used to top dress a driveway or parking lot.

1 inch clear granite drain rock driveway gravel crushed rock

1”-3” clear, 3”-6” clear and 4”-12” clear

Also a popular product group, they are used as drain rock or decorative stones and the larger sizes are used as shoring material. The basalt variety is also used for sauna stones!

drain rock shoring material gravel crushed rock


These products can also be made from either basalt or granite. The “minus” products include rocks and particles smaller than the headline number.  For example, 1/2” minus is made up of rocks no larger than 1/2” but includes 3/8”,1/4”, and on down to fine particles. This attribute when combined with the angularity of a crushed rock results in excellent compaction properties.


½” minus, ¾” minus and 1” minus

These products are used to build roads, highways and driveways as they provide superior compaction properties. The smaller sizes can also be used as pipe bedding.  

1/2 inch minus roadbase roads highway driveway gravel crushed rock
1 inch minus granite roadbase driveway highway gravel crushed rock

3” minus, 6” minus and 12” minus

These products are generally used as a sub-base for road and highway construction or where drainage is a problem. They are popular wet weather products. 

minus crushed rock sub base road highway gravel crushed rock